Sunday, October 14, 2007

2-3: Rangers lose to the Sens; Deja Vu

So last week I did a in-game analysis of the Rangers Sens tilt, tonight I won't do that. I was there so I will just reflect and offer up some observations.

*Just like that other game, the Rangers played decently, got good goaltending from Hank and slipped up momentarily and lost the game. Three goals in less than a minute. Jesus. It was a lightning fast, horrifying mugging.

*Two of the three were thanks to the stellar efforts of Marek Malik, yet, of course, the first was a power play goal against so he comes out of the game only a -1. He couldn't keep pucks in the offensive zone, he couldn't skate with the faster Sens, he couldn't hit anyone on the boards, he couldn't connect with half of his short passes ... and some idiot at the game on Friday said he was our best defenseman and held up his plus minus as evidence of that. I hope that guy, and Malik, shuts the hell up and goes as far away from the Garden and my sight FOREVER. Malik = BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

*Side note 1: Jed got into a fight tonight, taking on Adrian Aucoin 25 seconds into the 3rd period of the Flames, Pred game. I can't wait to see the video.

*There were two fights in the Rangers game. The battle between Colton Orr and Brian McGrattan was pretty good but essentially useless. It came just after the goal blitzkrieg and failed to reinvigorate the Rangers bench. The other fight was Brandon Dubinsky against Luke Richardson. Now I have been an advocate for Dubi, but this was just stupid of the kid. Richardson was drafted when Dubi was one year old. Just a bit of an unfair fight but at least it shows Dubi has the meddle to stand up for himself. Maybe not the brains but the meddle ...

*Side note 2: I pointed out that the NHL store had three lousy teams represented in the front of their store earlier in the week after attending a media-only unveiling of the place. Then, after complaining that local or at least better teams should be center stage, I was e-mailed that they would rotate to represent all the teams in the league. Amazingly, just a day after officially opening, today the front of the store had the Rangers, Isles and Senators in front instead of Flames, Bolts and Blues. Coincidence? I think not.

*The Rangers will have to face those Sens two more times this year, and thankfully both are before New Years. Something to be thankful for although, unfortunately, that may lead to some form of complacency if the team picks up some steam while beating on divisional rivals.

*Side note 3: Devils won, but at least the Isles lost tonight. Granted that meant that the Flyers won, but thankfully it didn't go to OT and become a three point game between two teams we are likely going to battling with for a playoff spot. Simon the Barbarian returned from suspension again (preseason counts in my book) and shockingly got into a fight. What a goon.

*I say that we are likely to battle the Isles and the Flyers for a spot fully knowing that some of you are going 'Nahhhhhh' but this team had better get its act together and fast because remember, it took a miracle run at the end of last season to get in and I am not sure that this group of (overpaid) guys has it in them. The Flyers will make the playoffs the way they are playing, even with half their team suspended for months on end. And Ted Nolan won't let the Isles roll over ...

*Side note 4: Former Ranger Jan Hlavac scored for Tampa Bay in their loss to the Panthers tonight. Welcome back to the NHL ... how soon till we deal for him to make Jagr happy?

*Speaking of Jagr, I love how he shows up with less than two minutes left in the game. He made a few amazing moves, lost the puck, and then when the Rangers regained possession, he had a part in their lone goal of the game. Its like a A-Rod performance: only play well when it doesn't matter ...

*As the Rangers are apt to do, they made the other goaltender look damn good. Martin Gerber had 36 saves in the game yet got ridiculously lucky that the Rangers couldn't bury loose pucks sitting in the crease, multiple times (that damn 5-on-3 early in the third).

*And with that, onto the three stars.
PHW Three Stars
3-Chris Phillips - gwg goal
2-Jason Spezza - one assist; doesn't make sense to me

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Hank - another stellar effort; without him it was a 6-1 game tonight
2-Ottawa's defense - a total effort, yes Phillips got a goal but Corvo handled the puck well, Meszaros got an assist, Redden was solid, and Volchenkov played 25 minutes, threw four hits and blocked six shots ...
1-Daniel Alfredsson - he was Visa for the Sens - everywhere they needed him to be
I should put Malik in that top spot, as he deserved two assists for the Sens but instead will just give him another hearty BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


The Dark Ranger said...

I missed you at the public flogging this afternoon....wish you were here.


Anonymous said...

I was at the game at MSG and afterwards some of the Czech players (Petr, Marcel, Jagr...) were having a post game beer after the game - and they were snootsville to myself and my girlfriends! Especially for guys who barely scored a single goal...hmmmmm! Some one should tell these guys that "cocky" only works if you've just WON the game...not lost! time we are rooting for the Senators - and BTW, some one needs to re-measure Petr Prucha because that guy is NOT 6-feet tall in real life. Not even close!

Scotty Hockey said...

TDR - Man, I would not miss something like that ... damn Malik. Although I must say its amazing how well he fits into the Tom Poti role of offensive defenseman that doesn't live up to the former title.

Britt - that is entirely lame. I hope you told them off, and I hope you learned your lesson - don't go after pretty rich athletes! lol!

Anonymous said...

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