Saturday, October 27, 2007

Will You Stop?


For all of those people who harassed me because I was not about to dump on the Rangers after their meek start to the season, I revel in the sound of silence that I am hearing right now. The Rangers played much the same game that they had in previous games yet managed to defeat a major rival at home. What changed?


Marty Brodeur and the Devils played a solid game, no matter how many MAAAAAAAARRRRRTTTTTYYYYY chants there were.

The Rangers defense was solid; aside from some bad bounces and a mental mistake or two, the blueline has been solid all season. And don't even look at Hank, he has been making his case for the Vezina.

So what does that leave?

Yes, the offense; thanks for playing along.

But you know what? Not even the Rangers offense changed. The high-priced superstars still played like individuals. The grinders still grinded and the kids still played with youthful exuberance.

So two bounces finally go our way and you guys are all jumping back on the bandwagon? You shouldn't have jumped off. As I said, I didn't dump on this team early because if is the beginning of the season. The scoring line are still trying to feel their way along, and are doing so without several major pieces. So stop panicking already the second something goes wrong.

Yes the Eastern Conference has improved top to bottom and will be tough -- particularly the Patrick, I mean Atlantic, Division -- but still, unless the Rangers allow themselves to get into a terrible situation (like the Avalanche and the Leafs did last year) where one game really did mean the playoffs, this slow start will amount to a learning experience and that's it. Should it end up coming to one game, then the team really doesn't deserve a chance at the playoffs.

Aside from the fact that low-seeded teams rarely, if ever, make it to the Cup Finals, anyone who has raised the Cup will tell you how much commitment it takes from an entire team to get it. If it comes down to one point or one game for the Rangers, then the team clearly won't have what it takes and the earlier exit will give them more time to dedicate to making a legitimate run next year.

Next year, I already am mentioning this year. Geez, look at what you people did.

Stop it!

Things aren't that bad so be quiet and leave me alone; keep your pessimism to yourself!!!!

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