Sunday, October 28, 2007

Food, Folks n' Fun

So I am typing this from behind the bench at the Garden, how cool is that?

The Rangers are holding their annual Rangers Season Subscriber Skating Party at the Garden, allowing shmucks like me to take the Garden ice. It is a great event that is fun for the whole family. Of course, the teams wheels out the usual suspects (alum) to pose with the fans and to sign autographs.

This particular afternoon shift is Gresch and Glen Anderson with Adam Graves floating around. While not quite as impressive as Nicky Fotiu and Ron Duguay (who were at last year's event when I went), they are fantastic with the kids and everyone is having a great time.

Sorry for the lack of current pictures but when I get home I will dig up the shot my exgirlfriend took of me sitting in the penalty box last year. I gotta tell you, it was awesome.

Kudos to the Rangers for holding the event and hopefully they will have another later in the season with some of the current players!!


Woodside Acres said...

Scotty, didn't know you were heading in. I would have said hello. Always a good time. Heading into the game a little late tonight, but man do we need a win. I like the 3 stars, maybe we can get some sort of Blog Prediction game with The Dark Ranger or something. Might be fun?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photography credit dear... so considerate of you.